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Announcing the latest technology for time and attendance! is a complete time, attendance and access control system using face recognition technology. Look Boss, No Hands! No more touching or sharing or spreading Germs. Faceclock eliminates “buddy punching”. Fool proof face recognition technology that is faster than most fingerprint readers!


Nationwide Hospitals and Medical Groups must both have a safe working place and a safe patient care facility. The solution is Keeping track of employee time and attendance is not only critical to business operations, but also to patient care. The system is a stand-alone hands-free and limits spreading germs via touch. LOOK Doc no Hands!


In the food service industry, keeping accurate employee time records is a challenge. One main concern is to eliminate employee’s clocking in for each other – called “buddy punching”. Another major concern is maintaining quality and to stop the spreading of bacteria is the perfect solution. is a stand-alone system that is fast, accurate and entirely hands-free. LOOK Chef no Hands!
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